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Many campsites make use of a timer in shower installations. It is possible to control (hot) water supply with a solenoid valve. Choose a normally closed brass valve with an EPDM seal and a pipe connection of at least ½”. For example, consider a valve from the ST-IA series.

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The solenoid valve can be used in combination with a digital timer (AF-TD) to determine the duration of hot water supply. This timer is mounted directly on the valve and can be set with a few buttons. This timer can be programmed that it remains ON for a certain number of minutes and then switches OFF until the timer is reset (adjustable in seconds, from 0-100 hours). If you use a light switch to activate the timer, there will be warm water available for a set time. As soon as the timer switches, the warm water supply stops. To reactivate the shower, the light switch must first be switched off and then switched on again. The following electrical diagram can be used for this system:

Application example

Schematic for a timer in a camping shower. Push button, this interrupts the contact by pressing (A), timer (B), solenoid valve (C).

Figure 1: Diagram for a timer in a camping shower. Light switch (A), timer (B), solenoid valve (C).

A shower cabin has a light switch outside the cabin. As is shown in figure 1, when the light switch (A) is enabled, the solenoid valve (C) and timer (B) are also powered. The valve opens for 10 minutes and the person can shower. After ten minutes, the timer will turn off the power and the valve will stop the water supply to the shower. If the light switch is turned off and the next user turns it on again, the timer is reset and the process will start again.

The digital timer in combination with a normally closed 2/2-way valve with EPDM diaphragm are suitable products for this system.

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