Jan-Willem Pustjens

Jan-Willem Pustjens

Jan-Willem Pustjens

Current Position

Managing partner


The Netherlands


MSc Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, pneumatics, fluid control, hydraulics, safety, and compliance


With a background in mechanical engineering and over 10 years of experience as the Managing Partner at Tameson, Jan-Willem has developed a deep understanding of fluid control technology. At Tameson, he is actively involved in managing the product range, immersing himself in the details of Tameson's products' working principles and real-world performance. The philosophy at Tameson centers around transparent knowledge sharing, empowering Tameson's customers to make informed decisions.

Prior to Tameson, Jan-Willem has studied mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology and gained valuable experience at the Nestle headquarters in Switzerland. These experiences have shaped his expertise in the field. Now, his main goal is to make Tameson the top industrial supply platform, simplifying product selection for Tameson's customers and keeping Tameson at the industry forefront.


Jan-Willem Pustjens

Jan-Willem Pustjens owns Tameson together with Paul van Oorschot. He was born in 1984 from Dutch parents in France. He is also married to the Swiss Véronique and father of one son, Maxime.

From mechanical engineering to solenoid valves

"I studied mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. I was car crazy, so mechanical engineering was a logical choice. With hindsight, I didn't want to work in the automotive industry after all. Technology, on the other hand, is very exciting to me. You learn to understand things and thereby solve problems, also outside of engineering. After graduating, I moved to Switzerland with my wife. There I found a job with a company that develops weighing sensors. After six months I moved to Nestlé. Fantastic organization, but because of the immense size that wasn't the place where I could make enough impact. That's why we decided to return to the Netherlands. I was still in contact with my friend and fellow student Paul van Oorschot. We had already tasted some of the entrepreneurship together in our student days, without success. We decided to go for it again. That's when Tameson came into being."

From Marketplace to ecommerce

"The fact that we ended up in fluid control is actually pure coincidence. Paul still had contact with his former colleague Wim Fiechter of CarwashworkX. Fiechter regularly needed solenoid valves, but did not know how to do the procurement. We went purchasing for him and immediately bought extra valves for ourselves, which we sold as an experiment via an Ebay-like website. That immediately generated turnover. Now we have a mature ecommerce company with more than 25,000 different products that we sell worldwide to a wide range of SMEs from agriculture to food".

JP Fluid Control and other brands

"I have several duties at Tameson. I pay a lot of attention to product management and online marketing. For example, I supervise the entire process (from certifications to testing and documentation) of the products of our own brand JP Fluid Control. For products from other suppliers, I determine the selection, positioning and make sure that all content and data is correct. Actually, I am responsible for everything that happens at the frontend of our website. As the owner, I am of course also involved in purchasing, personnel management, sales and international expansion. That makes my work very diverse.


"We are working hard to expand our product range and to expand internationally. This is a major challenge in several areas, both in purchasing, logistics, data management and product knowledge in our organization. New products such as measuring & control equipment still account for a relatively small percentage of our turnover. There are enormous opportunities here and I break my head over them every day. Fortunately, we now have a nice and professional team to work on these challenges.”

My favorite product


"My favorite product is the solenoid valve ST-SA from JP Fluid Control. Not only because it is a very versatile and reliable product, but also because it is very competitively priced. I am still amazed at the versatility of applications for which our customers use this type. Furthermore, the valve is very compact, which makes it suitable for many applications".