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Vacuum Technology

Vacuum Technology

Tameson offers products for vacuum technology, such as vacuum generators, vacuum suction cups, and the needed accessories. These products are typically used together in pick-and-place applications. They are suitable to be used with clean compressed air.

Vacuum generators: They are designed to generate a vacuum level that is required for lifting tasks and they work on the Venturi effect. Vacuum generators can be single-stage or multi-stage. Our products are divided into generators with different levels of vacuum generation, suction rate, evacuation time, air consumption, and different port sizes/types. They are also called vacuum ejectors.

Vacuum suction cups: are used in vacuum systems for pick-and-place operations. We offer flat and bellows vacuum suction cups with round and oval surfaces, different diameters, and different materials. Due to the wide range of different features of suction cups, they can be selected for any application.

Vacuum accessories: These are fittings and nozzles to be used with vacuum generators and vacuum suction cups.

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