Collection:Filters, Regulators And Lubricators

Collection: Filters, Regulators And Lubricators

Filters, Regulators And Lubricators

View our range of air filters (F), regulators (R), and lubricators (L) used to treat air in compressed air systems, including FR and FRL combined units. Treating air is important because air supplied by compressors is contaminated with dirt, oil, or water, at the incorrect pressure, and/or un-lubricated for your pneumatic tools or equipment. If treated unproperly, it can be harmful to equipment and reduce their lifespan and decrease performance. Proper selection of air treatment units on the other hand will ensure smooth performing equipment with increased reliability and life span.

Units can be purchased individually or as a combined unit, such as an air filter regulator (FR) or air filter regulator lubricator combo (FRL). Filters remove unwanted particles from the air system and are often the first component installed after the compressor. Pressure regulators continuously control the output pressure to a fixed level, even if the input pressure is varying. Regulating the pressure to the correct level is important to guarantee optimal performance of the down-line components. The regulator is usually installed after the filter, because the filter introduces a small pressure drop. Lubricators reduce the internal friction in tools or equipment by releasing a controlled mist of oil into the compressed air and are installed after the regulator or directly before the component requiring lubrication. Please note that modern systems do not require lubrication most of the times. Most equipment is greased and do not require maintenance over their lifetime. However, once extra lubrication is started it must be continued because the oil washes out the grease. Depending on the application requirements, some or all of the components of an FRL system will be required. However, it is recommended to always have a filter and regulator. The need for a lubricator is dependent on whether or not the equipment requires lubrication.

Filters, regulators, and lubricators will help to control air quality reduce equipment down time, and reduce operating costs when installed correctly.