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Safety And Relief Valves

Safety And Relief Valves

Tameson offers a wide range of safety and relief valves. Both of these valves are designed to protect the system from overpressure. Relief valves are used to control and limit the pressure for the optimal functionality of the system. A typical application is to prevent a pump from running against a closed valve. Safety valves are designed for emergency situations when the other valves have failed. Despite the fact that these valves are similar in appearance, they function slightly differently.

Relief valves (also known as overflow valves) provide proportional pressure relief. They begin opening when the pressure exceeds the set pressure and open proportionally with an increase in pressure until the blow off pressure limit.

Safety valves (also known as pop-safety valves) provide immediate pressure relief as soon as the pressure exceeds the set pressure.

Our range consists of both relief and safety valves with different pressure ranges, blow-off capacities, port sizes, adjustability, housing material, and more. They are suitable for gases and liquids. Certain valves also have a TUV certificate.