Collection:Compressed Air Treatment

Collection: Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed Air Treatment

View our wide range of air treatment products to ensure good performance, reliability and optimal service life for your pneumatic system. Preparation of compressed air is an essential step to prevent damage to downline equipment. For example, air filters (F), pressure regulators (R), lubricators (L), and condensate drains are available.

These air treatments components can either be bought individually or packaged together as an FR or FRL combination unit. Filters remove unwanted particles from the air system and are often the first component installed after the compressor. They are installed before pressure regulators, because they cause a slight pressure drop. Pressure regulators continuously control the air pressure to a set level to ensure that down-line components operate within the desired pressure range and is installed after the filter. Lubricators reduce the internal friction in tools or equipment by releasing a controlled mist of oil into the compressed air and are installed after the regulator or preferably directly before the component requiring lubrication to not transport the oil over long distances. Lubrication is nowadays usually not required, since most equipment is self-lubricated. However, when lubrication is started, it must be continued as the oil washes out the grease of the components. A condensate drain is a valve that removes contamination and condensate from the system without needing to depressurize it. They might be integrated in a filter or filter-regulator, or they are a separate device.

Depending on the application requirements, some or all of the air treatment components need to be used. If you need additional information, please see our condensate or FRL technical article or contact us for more information.