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Pressure Measurement And Control

Pressure Measurement And Control

Here you find all equipment to measure and control pressure, such as pressure gauges, pressure regulators and pressure switches. The right equipment gives you good control over the pressure in your process and can increase safety and quality and reduce costs. Pressure refers to the force a fluid exerts per unit area. The SI unit of pressure is pascal (Pa), but usually pressure is indicated in bar or psi (1 bar = 14.5038 psi). Pressure is typically displayed as relative pressure (gauge pressure), but can also be displayed as absolute pressure or vacuum pressure. In addition to measuring, you can also regulate (increase or decrease) pressure. Tameson offers a solution for all these situations, whether you want to measure or regulate:

A pressure gauge measures and displays the pressure in a system.

A pressure regulator reduces the pressure of a flowing medium to a set fixed value.

A pressure switch closes or opens an electrical contact when a certain pressure is reached.

A pressure transducer or transmitter converts a fluid pressure into an electrical signal.

Pressure and safety relief valves limit the pressure in a system.

  • Pressure relief valves open gradually and proportionally and may blow off continuously.
  • Safety relief valves open rapidly and are primarily to guarantee the safety of a system.