Collection:Pneumatic Cylinders

Collection: Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders

Tameson offers a wide range of pneumatic air cylinders, pneumatic grippers, and common accessories like sensors and mounting equipment. Common pneumatic cylinders follow ISO standards, so that they are globally accepted and can replace other brands using the same standards. The three most common types are: ISO 15552 for profile cylinders with diameters of 32-320 mm, ISO 6432 for round cylinders (mini cylinders) with diameters of 8-25 mm, and ISO 21287 for compact profile cylinders with diameters of 20-100 mm. However, we also carry air cylinders for specialized usage that don’t fall under an ISO standard.

Pneumatic grippers are also available and act similar to a pneumatic cylinder. However, instead of a piston extending, it is a gripper with parallel or angular fingers used for high-precision pick-and-place applications to lift and move items. Our technical article explains them in further detail.

Air cylinders are either single-acting (spring return or spring extent) or double-acting. Single-acting cylinders require compressed to either extend or return the piston and the spring force is in the opposite direction. In a double-acting cylinder, compressed air is used for both the extension and retraction of the rod depending on where the high pressure is. Double acting cylinders are most commonly used. With multiple different configurations of rod diameter, stroke length, force in/out, and pressure ranges there is a pneumatic cylinder for almost any application requiring linear motion. We also have options with a magnetic piston for position feedback capabilities as well as adjustable damping for added control of cushioning. Tameson’s wide range of pneumatic cylinders allow you to find a product to meet almost any application requirements and we ensure they are made from high quality material, tested, calibrated, and come to you at a competitive price. If you have any questions, we have a technical article or contact us for assistance.