Delivery information

Delivery time and cost

The expected delivery time for each product is shown on the product page, and for the entire order on the cart page. The item in your order with the longest lead time determines when your complete order is shipped. In case a product takes one or more extra days to arrive in our distribution center, it is indicated with the product (for example +2 days). Your order is shipped when all order items are ready.

Important information about taxes and import duties

We ship from the Netherlands using DAP incoterms. Check which rule applies to you:

  • Non-EU: No sales tax is charged by Tameson. When your order arrives in your country, customs might charge you with taxes or import duties. Follow the instructions that are provided by the shipping company (DHL, Fedex, UPS, ..).
  • EU business: Provide your VAT number during checkout for an invoice with 0% VAT (intra-community supply).
  • EU consumer: Your order includes local VAT.
  • NL business/consumer: Your order includes 21% VAT.

Shipping to the UK

UK customers will be charged VAT (20% of invoice value) by the shipping company when the parcel arrives at the border. Please follow the payment instructions in their email (from Fedex, DHL, UPS, ..). UK companies can reclaim VAT through their tax returns. To avoid paying VAT during import, we recommend using "deferred VAT accounting". More information can be found on the UK Gov website:

Irish businesses can provide a VAT number during checkout for an invoice with 0% VAT (intra-community supply). For Irish consumers the order includes local VAT.

Contact our customer service if you need assistance.