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Air And Gas Hoses

Air And Gas Hoses

View Tameson’s wide selection of air gas hoses, we offer cost-effective solutions for air gas flows. Tameson’s selection includes, but is not limited to, hoses suitable for compressed air, propane, breathing air and combustible gas related applications. These tubes and hoses are used to transport different gasses to and from various processing points within a system. Air gas hoses are typically manufactured from plastics and rubbers such as polyurethane, polyethylene, NBR rubber, PTFE, PVC and EPDM. Air and gas hoses have a special requirement, they have to be non-porous to ensure leakage free operations. Depending on the application the hoses can have an inlay made of a high tensile-strength material like steel or textile.

Air Hose

Air hoses are used for pneumatic systems. They can handle high pressures to prevent leakage/damage and are oil resistant since compressed air systems often have oil-based lubricants. Rubber is the most common material for an air hose. For certain applications (large compressors or high heat applications), alternatives to rubber should be considered.

Gas Hose

Certain gas applications require extra attention, as gases can be toxic and/or flammable. Ensuring proper transportation of these materials without any leakage is important. Please consult our chemical resistance table for your gas to select the proper material.

Selection Criteria

Important features to select the right hose for your application are operating pressure, working temperature, inner diameter and bending radius. For food-grade, antistatic and other special applications Tameson offers specialty hoses that comply with the various ISO and DIN standards. For more information and help with selecting the right hose for your application, read our technical article or contact us.