Collection:Condensate Drains

Collection: Condensate Drains

Condensate Drains

Compressed air systems contain condensate that needs to be drained from the system. These automatic condensate drains are a solution for this problem. The condensate drain should be connected to the lowest point, where the condensate can be drained. They can be used in compressed air vessels, dryers, filters and compressors.

These drains can be time or level controlled. The time controlled electric condensate drains use a direct operated solenoid valve in combination with an electronic timer. The interval and drain time periods can be adjusted. It is a relatively low investment that will prevent a lot of problems and reduce operation costs. Although they provide a reliable and good solution, the risk is that the timer is incorrectly set, leading to inadequate draining or loss of compressed air.

The level controlled condensate drain solves this issue by using a combination of a capacitive sensor and an indirect operated solenoid valve. When the level reaches the preset value, a capacitive sensor sends a signal to a control element. This in turn actuates the solenoid valve and opens a diaphragm to discharge the condensate. The condensate is drained without loss of compressed air, thus reducing energy costs and CO2 emission.