Case Study: Woinemer Hausbrauerei

Case Study: Woinemer Hausbrauerei


Active as a brewery since 1986, Woinemer Hausbrauerei strives to offer its customers high-quality and innovative products without losing the authenticity of hand-crafted beer. Although Woinemer Hausbrauerei is not a large-scale industrial producer, it still provides the highest quality product by using the same technologies and processes that big producers use. To avoid downtime, the workers at Woinemer Hausbrauerei depend on companies like Tameson to ensure they can get replacement parts as quickly as possible. We spoke with Jochen Hardt, co-owner and Brewmaster at Woinemer Hausbrauerei to learn how they use our solenoid valves and pressure gauges to help produce their beverages!

Woinemer brewing tanks

In and Out of House

Woinemer Hausbrauerei is both a producer and a distributor, allowing them close contact with their customers near and far. Guests at the brewery can enjoy a freshly brewed beer that never leaves the building; customers near and far can buy bottles, such as the famous Plob, at their local store or online from Woinemer's website. Also, many restaurants and bars have this popular beer on tap!

Taps for beer

Proven For Pasteurization

Woinemer Hausbrauerei started shopping around for new solenoid valves after repeated issues with valves of inferior quality that were not up to the task. While searching on Google, they quickly found Tameson's extensive range of solenoid valves and the product they were looking for. They chose a stainless steel solenoid valve specifically for its quality.

The chamber pasteurization systems at Woinemer use solenoid valves connected to temperature sensors to control steam flow during the pasteurization process. Pasteurization involves using steam to heat beer to a specific temperature to kill unwanted microbes remaining in the beer after the fermentation process. If these microbes persist and the beer sits on a shelf for an extended period, it can go through a second fermentation process which will ruin its taste. The pasteurization process is precise. Steam heating the beer for a moment too long or at a degree too high can also ruin the beer. That's why solenoid valves, with their automatic control and rapid response are a good choice for controlling the steam during this process.

Brewing chamber

Precise Pressure

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has an essential role in the brewing process. If natural fermentation has not carbonated the beer to the desired levels, CO2 can be added to increase carbonation. However, to maintain consistency, the pressure of CO2 storage tanks must be the same during each and every carbonation process. If the pressure is too low, the beer can be flat. If the pressure is too high, the beer can be too foamy. Woinemer has found good results in using our glycerin pressure gauges to monitor CO2 pressure levels in their storage tanks.

Eliminating Downtime

If Woinemer Hausbrauerei needs to replace a system component, they must do it quickly to minimize downtime. They can easily order products from Tameson and get them quickly delivered. Next, if they have any questions about the product, such as related to installation, they can easily get a hold of Tameson customer support. This level of service ensures that Woinemer can continue producing its beverages without significant interruption.