Scott Louis Simonson

Scott Louis Simonson

Scott Louis Simonson

Current Position

Technical writer




Master's of Science in Physical Geography


Research, Physical sciences, Humanities, Editing


Scott Louis Simonson is a technical writer and marketing professional at Tameson. He has been writing articles and monthly newsletters for Tameson since June, 2022.

Scott's academic and professional experience is somewhat tangential to the topics he covers for Tameson. Although he had a shallow understanding of most of the topics he has written about, he used his research abilities, gained through long years in academia, to fill in the gaps. He takes complex topics and writes about them in accessible language.


Meet Scott, a wordsmith extraordinaire who dabbles in the art of technical writing. He's a husband and father hailing from the United States, currently residing in the charming city of Belgrade, Serbia. With a background in both geology and history, and a master's degree from Sun Yat-sen University, he brings a unique perspective to his craft. He's been working as a technical writer at Tameson since summer of 2022.

Scott's journey is one of exploration, both literally and figuratively. From a young age, he knew that the world was a big place, and he was determined to see as much of it as possible. This desire to explore has been the driving force behind his academic and professional career, and is reflected in his willingness to look around instead of only focusing on what's right in front of him. This outlook has taught him how to learn, research, and adapt, which are all essential skills for a technical writer. He's always eager to take on new projects, to explore new subjects, and to continue learning and growing as a writer.

Scott joined Tameson as a technical writer without any prior experience in industrial supply or engineering. However, he quickly learned and adapted to the field. He has enjoyed learning about new topics, such as solenoid valves, and improving his understanding of familiar subjects like hacksaws.

As a member of the marketing team at Tameson, Scott is constantly seeking out new opportunities to expand his skills and knowledge. He is not content to limit himself to just the topics he writes about, but rather embraces any task that comes his way as an opportunity to learn and grow. Despite the occasional challenges and setbacks, Scott never shies away from tackling projects that may be outside of his comfort zone, demonstrating his willingness to take risks and push himself to become a more well-rounded professional.