Case Study: Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves for Biolectric

Biolectric needs stainless steel semi-direct operated solenoid valves for biogas plants

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Pocket digesters are produced in Temse, Belgium, which are sold all over the world. Livestock farmers can use this to convert surplus manure into energy. After fermentation, the used manure can still be used for fertilizing the land. Why does Biolectric use the stainless steel semi-direct-operated solenoid valves from JP Fluid Control for their installations? Stef van de Vyver, R&D Engineer at Biolectric, explains.

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Very corrosive gas

Biolectric Application

"The stainless steel semi-direct operated solenoid valves from JP Fluid Control, which we order from Tameson, are perfect for our pocket digesters," says Stef van de Vyver. “In the production of biogas, hydrogen sulfide is partly released, a highly corrosive gas. If we do not use stainless steel solenoid valves, but copper or brass, the valve would be damaged over time. Therefore, all parts that come into contact with biogas must be made of stainless steel. All rubbers and seals must also be of high quality. Until recently we used solenoid valves with an aluminum housing and galvanized components. For that we had our own stainless steel parts made to replace the galvanized components. That was very laborious and cost a lot of extra money. That is why we went looking for a supplier that could supply solenoid valves completely made of stainless steel. This is how we ended up at Tameson and we are very satisfied. Tests with the pressure drop over the solenoid valves show that it is even lower than with the previous valves that we used. We do not expect any problems in the coming years with the valves, which open and close in the installation several times a day. ”

Self-sufficient thanks to biogas

Biolectric started in 2011 with the basic idea of building small-scale biogas plants. The large variants, in which food waste and animal waste were fermented, already existed at that time. However, there was no solution for the smaller livestock farms yet. The goal of Biolectric is that customers can be self-sufficient with the energy they get from their own residual material. With the biogas from the installation, the farm can thus provide for its own energy needs. It is therefore also an alternative to solar panels or a windmill on site.

Own assembly

The biogas installations are completely designed and assembled by Biolectric. The parts are purchased, among others from Tameson. Stef van de Vyver: “Some parts are custom-made or milled to size, others are standard, such as the solenoid valves. In our own hall in Temse we assemble the biogas plants to measure, because they always have unique dimensions. On average they deliver between 10 and 40 kW, but recently we have also delivered one of 74 kW. As soon as they are ready, they are transported to the customer and are assembled on site in two to four days. From the United States to Sweden and from Canada to Italy. ”This is how Biolectric pocket digesters are sold all over the world. Including the stainless steel semi-direct operated solenoid valves from Tameson.

Biolectric Application

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