Electrically operated valve for waste water of a Motorhome or Caravan.

Camper on the road

The waste water tank of motorhomes and caravans needs to be emptied regularly. Periodic emptying and cleaning is advised, especially when it is hot in the summer to avoid unpleasant odors. Besides that, it is not necessary to drive a full tank of waste water up the mountain.

No more need to crawl under a camper for draining dirty water when you use an electric ball valve.

The opening of the valve under the tank can be a tedious chore. Installing an electrically operated valve makes this job a lot simpler. The valve must be suitable for dirty water. Solenoid valves are not suitable because they only work with clean fluids. Electric Ball valves are an excellent solution. The ball valve is constructed of a ball with a bore that can rotate. If the bore is aligned with the ports the water can flow. Electric ball valves include a small electric motor in order to rotate the ball.


Electric Ball Valve for Camper or Caravan

Electric Ball Valve 1 inch 12V DC

Product: BW2-100-AW1-R012DC

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1 inch


12V DC






Robust electric ball valve with 1 inch pipe connection of the brand JP Fluid Control. The valve opens and closes electrically 12V DC (also available in 24VDC). The actuator has three wires. The first two are connected to the plus and minus. The third is a control wire. If it is connected to the positive, the valve will open. If the control wire is disconnected, the valve will close again. Check that the bore (20mm) of the valve is large enough for your system. Not suitable for toilet discharge and large waste pieces . Mount the electric valve in a sheltered spot.

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