WIKA Pressure Switches, IP65, IP67 Ingress Protection

WIKA pressure switches with IP65 and IP67 ingress protection

Wika Electronic Pressure Switch

Wika Electronic Pressure Switch

The ingress protection is an important specification for instruments used in the industrial industry, especially for measuring instruments like pressure sensors. Commonly it is thought that products receive only one ingress protection specification. However, it is possible that a product has more than one IP rating. In that context there is a common misconception about an assumed typographical error in the PSD-30 data sheet. In this data sheet it states that the WIKA PSD-30 has both IP65 and IP67 ratings, which is absolutely correct. For more info read our article on IP ratings

The reason is actually pretty simple. The last digit of the IP rating denotes the protection against a type of liquid intrusion. IP65 denotes that it is protected against directed water jets of low pressure from any angle. IP67 denotes that it is protected against full immersion up to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. The first point that needs to be made is that if a product is IPx7 protected it does not mean that it also has IPx5 protection and vice versa. Every IP rating has its own testing procedure which further implies that every IP rating is different. “Higher” IP ratings do not cover “lower” IP ratings.

What does this mean for the WIKA PSD-30? WIKA has carried out in-house tests with additional external tests by independent testing centres. The WIKA PSD-30 has an IP65 rating which means that they are protected against dust and water jets. Furthermore, the IP67 rating means that the PSD-30 is protected against short-term water immersion.

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