Charles Kolstad

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Charles Kolstad

Current Position

Digital Marketing Manager


United States of America


Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Dynamics, Digital Marketing


After getting his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of St. Thomas, Charles worked as a Sales and Applications Engineer focusing on brakes and clutches for automation equipment. He traveled throughout North America, working on a wide variety of applications, from conveyer belts, robotics, garage doors, and anything that needed to be moved and stopped. After a few years, he decided to work remotely and he joined Tameson as a Technical Writer while traveling throughout the world.

Charles liked the technical writing as it kept him involved as an engineer, but he quickly got involved in more digital marketing activities at Tameson and liked the continual professional growth. He went from a Technical Writer, to SEO, to Digital Marketing Manager here at Tameson. It allows him to still utilize his engineer degree working on new articles and involvement with the product development team, but continuing to grow his marketing skills and Tameson's reach. His engineering experience makes him a great contributor to Tameson's articles.