Benefits of the WIKA pressure switch PSD-30 LED display

Benefits of the WIKA pressure switch PSD-30 LED display 

WIKA PSD-30 display

Durability, robustness and good readability of the screen from distances up to 3 meters with poor lighting conditions are the most important requirements of an instrument display. So let us take a quick look at why the WIKA PSD-30 digital pressure switch’s screen would be a good fit for your application. 

The PSD-30 series makes use of a display with red LEDs. This technology is still the most used in industrial applications. This is because red LEDs have the following important benefits:

  • High brightness
  • Good contrast
  • Long lifespan
  • Robust (Mechanical)
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports wide temperature range

The visibility of the display was improved even more by paying particular attention to the items below. These were chosen so the readability in poor lighting conditions still can be guaranteed.

  • Large character size (better readable from a larger distance)
  • Character segments are even illuminated
  • Specialized display filter that enhances contrast

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