Tameson Newsletter March 2019

Tameson Newsletter March 2019

In this newsletter, we introduce Daniel, a DIN-A connector, pneumatic cylinders and more. Read on to find out everything about this. We are constantly looking for improvement, so if you have any additions or comments - Let us know!

Get to know our team!

Daniel Gyorev

As part of the Tameson marketing team, Daniel likes to let his creative juices flow while creating video content. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, he decided to continue his bachelors degree in the thriving city of Eindhoven. In his spare time, Daniel loves to dance!

Featured from our range!

Burkert 2508 solenoid valve connectors

These connectors meet the DIN EN 175301-803 standard (formerly DIN 43650) available in variant A. Possible options are a LED, varistor, rectifier, diode or a combination of these. Connectors are also available that reduce energy consumption or are suitable for high pressures. View them all here!

Pneumatic cylinder mounting accessories

Tameson is your total supplier for pneumatic cylinders. In our assortment, you will find all mounting accessories for cylinders, such as end cap clevises and rod-end spherical joints. Curious about the rest? View all mounting parts here!

Electric condensate drain

The condensate drain is connected to the lowest point of the compressed air system where condensate must be drained. After installation, the drain valve works fully automatically. The automatic drain valve can for example be used in pressure vessels, dryers, filters, dryers and compressors. View them here!

Which pneumatic cylinder do you need?

Pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are mechanical devices that convert the energy of compressed air into a linear movement. They come in multiple variants such as single and double acting. Cylinders are available with multiple options such as cylinder position detection and damping. Curious what these options mean? Read our technical article here!

Rather watch than read? Then click on the video and watch the explanation video on YouTube!