cULus Listed - What It Means

cULus Listed - What It Means

The cULus certification mark

Figure 1: The cULus certification mark

In manufacturing, product safety and compliance are essential. The cULus Listed mark is an internationally recognized compliance mark. This mark certifies that a product adheres to certain safety standards. It also signifies a high level of credibility in the market. This article describes further what it means to be cULus Listed, which products are typically listed, and the process to obtain cULus approval.

What does cULus listed mean?

cULus is a certification mark (Figure 2) that indicates a product has met UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety standards. The Underwriters Laboratory is a prominent global safety certification company. The 'c' and 'us' in cULus stand for Canada and United States, respectively. This indicates the product meets the safety standards of both countries.

cULus listed products

Manufacturers of various products often seek the cULus Listed mark, including cULus light bulbs and cULus air conditioners. Additionally, this mark is sought for products such as:

Light bulbs are common products that get cULus approval.

Figure 2: Light bulbs are common products that get cULus approval.

How to obtain cULus approval

The process for gaining cULus approval varies between different products. For further information, refer to UL's product certification page. The general process to achieve the cULus standard is:

  1. Preparation: Understand the product's specific standards for being cULus recognized.
  2. Product evaluation: Hire a UL engineer or UL-authorized third-party engineer to evaluate the product. This process includes product testing, inspection, and assessment.
  3. Submission: Submit product samples to UL for testing. Different categories have different sample number requirements.
  4. Product testing: UL tests the product against applicable standards.
  5. Report: UL prepares a detailed report after the testing. If the product passes, the report will confirm the product's compliance.
  6. Marking the product: Once certified with cULus, the product can be parked with the cULus logo.
  7. Follow-up services: Once approved, UL conducts follow-up services on the products to ensure they continue to meet the standards. This involves periodic checks at the manufacturing site.


What is cULus certification?

cULus certification is a safety seal given by Underwriters Laboratories to products that fulfill safety criteria. The label signifies that the product is approved for use in both Canada and the U.S.

What is the significance of the cULus listed logo?

The presence of the cULus Listed logo on a product signifies that it has been tested and meets the safety standards set by UL. It assures consumers that the product is safe for use.

How does a product get cULus Listed?

A product is thoroughly tested by UL for safety. If it passes, it gets regularly checked to maintain safety standards. Unexpected factory visits by UL representatives are part of the process.

What are some examples of cULus listed products?

Examples of cULus listed products include electrical appliances like light bulbs and air conditioners, fire safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and many more.