Case Study: Solenoid Valves for Indufinish

Solenoid valves for any chemical pre-treatment

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Indufinish is a manufacturer, supplier and service company of powder coating, KTL and galvanizing systems. The complete coating lines are supplied throughout Europe. Iwan van der Lans, sales manager at Indufinish, explains why the company chose valves from Tameson in their installations and what they are used for.

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Installations for two types of customers


Corrosion protection is the specialty of Indufinish, says Iwan van der Lans: “Electroplating means applying a chrome layer to the product, nickel plating or copper plating. KTL means that a thin layer is applied as a primer, which is often done with parts in the automotive industry. Powder coating is the application of a final layer on a product and that is very versatile. This can include various products, such as aluminum frames, roof gutters, bicycle frames and fencing. We supply our installations to production companies that coat their own products. But we also have customers who coat products for third parties and are therefore purely specialized in applying coating."

First through the spray tunnel

In short, Indufinish supplies very specific installations for a very diverse target group of products and coaters. All coating lines are developed in-house, Iwan van der Lans explains: “Our own engineers design the lines. We then produce them together with our suppliers. Tameson is one of them. The products to be coated must be very clean for optimum results. That is why the products first go through a spray tunnel, where they are degreased, rinsed, primed and even more. These spray lines are equipped with Tameson solenoid valves, for example for topping up bath levels. These switched valves are controlled by a PLC. There is a lot of control and fluid technology in the chemical pre-treatment of products."

Different types of liquids

The spray tunnels that Indufinish manufactures with the valves supplied by Tameson can sometimes be as long as 80 meters. Iwan van der Lans: “There are ten zones in these tunnels. You can imagine that we need a lot of valves to properly control the fluid management. This involves very different types of liquids. From degreasing agents to stain. From pH1 to pH12, but also tap water and demineralized water. That is why, for example, we often work with stainless steel 316 parts. Of course, we do not want the parts to be affected by the chemicals we use in the spray tunnel. That is why we have been taking Tamesons solenoid valves for years.”

Happy with the Tameson solenoid valves

The valves of the JP Fluid Control brand do a great job, says Iwan van der Lans: “We have few complaints, so that says enough. It sometimes happens that our service engineers come to a customer and then order new valves because the installation needs to be adjusted, but not because something is defective. That is why we are very happy with Tameson. The price / quality ratio is just very good. And when we order them, they are always delivered directly from stock. That delivery reliability is very important to us."

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