Tameson Solenoid Valves for Greenhouse Horticulture

Solenoid valves for daylight-free research systems

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Green Simplicity provides research systems and total concepts for daylight-free growing situations within the market of greenhouse horticulture, where LED lighting plays an important role. The Tameson solenoid valves are indispensable for this. Green Simplicity technical manager Tom Teeuwen and sales manager Jebb Klaver explain exactly what the components do in the systems of Green Simplicity.

Dosing of water and CO2

"In our systems we use solenoid valves from Tameson," Tom Teeuwen begins. "Among other things, we have incorporated these into the misting system used to keep the plants moist. Every so often, a little water is released. This is all controlled automatically. We also use Tameson solenoid valves for dosing CO2 to the crops. The exact amount can be set by the grower for each situation."

Determine ideal spectrum per crop

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Daylight-free research systems for greenhouse horticulture, that is where the one pillar of the company Green Simplicity lies. Think for example of a fixed climate cell (closed cultivation system for carrying out cultivation trials) on location, or a mobile climate cell integrated into a sea container. In both cases a grower can conduct research into five different cultivation aspects, namely; light, climate, irrigation, CO2 and air. The grower can independently turn the knobs and thus know the ways in which benefits can be achieved in cultivation. "In our research systems, the LED fixtures are dimmable by color and adjustable to the right umol/m2/s," says Jebb Klaver. "In this way, you can determine the light spectrum on which the crop grows best. Different colors have different effects on the final result. For example, a grower who has been working with the same plant for 50 years was able to double the number of flowers thanks to our research systems."

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Once the grower knows what the ideal growing conditions are for the five aspects, Green Simplicity can roll this out wholesale. The multilayer cultivation systems, the other pillar of the company, help with this. Climatic, automated, space-efficient. All thought from the needs of the plant, because the LED lighting can be close to the crop, because there is very little radiant heat. Green Simplicity can also provide solutions for vertical horticulture. To enable growers to achieve maximum yields with the highest quality and minimum resources, using a multilayer, daylight-free growing system.

Never any problems

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Meanwhile, Green Simplicity has been using Tameson solenoid valves for over five years. Tom Teeuwen: "We don't use them for very complicated applications, it's all about dosing water and CO2. That should work well and it does. We never have any problems with the solenoid valves. The contact with Tameson is always good. If a certain type is not available, they immediately recommend another type that we can use just as well. They understand our application and that does help."

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