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Solenoid valves: essential for brewing beer

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De Vlijt Brewery is located on the Vlijtseweg in Apeldoorn. The specialty beers of Veluwse Schavuyt are brewed here. JP Fluid Control solenoid valves ensure that the brewing process is extremely accurate and the beer tastes just right. Beer brewer Patrick Leenders tells more about it.

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Cooling water for a consistent beer taste

“As a brewer, it is my job to process the right ingredients in the right way so that beer comes out. From purchasing the raw materials until the beer is packaged in bottles to the logistics department, that's all my responsibility. So everything around the boilers and pipes. The valves that we purchase from Tameson ensure that our beer can be fermented in a controlled manner. A solenoid valve turns the cooling on or off. This system is controlled by a measuring and control circuit with which we measure the temperature of the brew. As soon as the beer starts to ferment, the temperature rises. At a certain set time, Tameson's valves intervene and cooling water can flow past it, so the beer doesn't heat up too much. This is very important, because in this way we ensure that the taste of the end product is consistent. We are very satisfied with the solenoid valves, because they last for years and they do their job perfectly. Even at the extreme temperatures in the summer of 2019 they have proven themselves. The valves are used on thirteen tanks. Occasionally I order a supply, if one breaks, so that I have some spare. In the meantime, the "old" solenoid valves have all been replaced by JP Fluid control valves and these works are still perfect to date!"

Old boiler house in use again

Brewery De Vlijt started in 2010 after an idea from a group of friends. Because they wanted to brew a beer together, they started a city brewery in the center of Apeldoorn. Not all of them drank the first batch of 200 liters of Veluwse Schavuyt themselves, but they also sold it locally at a liquor store. At that time there was still little competition from specialty beers from the region, so sales went very well. That is why they quickly brewed a second type of beer after it. In 2013 the brewing room was too small and Brouwerij De Vlijt moved to a larger location: the old Zwitsal site in Apeldoorn. In the old boiler house of the factory, about 130,000 liters of specialty beer are brewed per year. The range consists of six main types and a number of special editions and private labels.

Bierbrouwerij de Vlijt tanks

Extensive range

Patrick Leenders likes to buy the parts for the brewery from Tameson: “First of all, of course, because we are very satisfied with the quality of the solenoid valves. But also because Tameson has many more products in their range that we regularly need. Hoses, clamps, filters, we have all kinds of technical installations here. It is much more convenient for us to order all this from one party. When I came across Tameson, I was therefore pleasantly surprised by their range. In addition, the service is good. If you have a question, you will receive a neat answer and your order will be delivered quickly. That's why we've never had anything to complain about at Tameson.”

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