Electrical Ball Valves for Boss Cabins

Electrical Ball Valves for Oil Changing in Welfare Cabin Generators


Active since 2010, Boss Cabins is the UK’s leading welfare manufacturer. They use Tameson’s electric ball valves in their patented RedBox Infinity generator, which is a key component in their Deep Green sustainable welfare cabin range. Piotr Mikolajczyk, Development Engineer, expands upon their innovative welfare products and why their partnership with Tameson has been a success.

Industry leaders

Deep green 2030

In 2020, Boss Cabins launched their Deep Green 2030 range, which is today the most sustainable line of cabins in the welfare marketplace. This welfare cabin range runs primarily on solar power and produces nearly zero emissions. Their largest cabin is a 24 ft towable unit with twin toilets, a canteen, an office, and drying facilities. The Deep Green range also has 20 ft, 16 ft, and 12 ft models. These can be fitted with either twin toilets or a single toilet and full drying room. A cutting-edge component of the Deep Green range that makes it successful is the RedBox Infinity generator.

Generating a solution


While developing the generator system for the Deep Green range, Boss Cabins tested different electric ball valves. “We needed an electrical ball valve to use in our patented RedBox Infinity generators that could prevent oil leaking when it got to a certain temperature. After a quick Google search, we were quickly in touch with Tameson.” says Piotr. “Tameson was able to offer the volume required at a competitive cost. To date we haven’t had any issues with the electrical ball valves. They constantly withstand the highest oil temperature without an oil spill, something that the magnetic valves previously tested were unable to achieve.”

2000 hours between servicing

Tameson’s electric ball valve plays a vital role in making the RedBox Infinity generator stand above the competition. Discussing how the ball valve works to change oil in the generator, Piotr says, “We use the valves in the change controller. The valve removes the oil by draining the liquid from the sub to the auxiliary tank.” The generators get an oil change every 50 hours of runtime, “increasing the interval between servicing to 2000 hours. This is unprecedented in standard generators, which usually have to be serviced every 200-250 hours.” The RedBox Infinity’s exceptionally long service interval and "extremely low generator runtime due to the use of solar power mean these generators only need servicing on average once every 19 years! This is 99.4% less than a standard generator and saves our customers approximately £2282 in generator servicing costs each year.”

A proud partnership

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We at Tameson are honored to partner with Boss Cabins due to their commitment to safety and sustainable energy. In 2016, Boss Cabins identified a major towing safety risk occurring across the entire industry. They immediately implemented the HandBrake Protection Plate system that is still in place today. Initially, the rest of the industry did not accept Boss Cabin’s findings of potential risk. However, after 9 months of legal battle, Boss Cabins was finally proven correct and the manufacturer changed the design of their product.

Furthermore, Boss Cabins puts the issue of global climate change at the forefront when designing and implementing their products. Beyond their solar power supported Deep Green range, they chose HVO biofuel as the fuel of choice for all of their generators used in welfare products. This leads to a 90% reduction in CO2 and other harmful emissions. Their Deep Green range has had its fuel and carbon saving performance verified by independent industry assessor Carbon Footprint Ltd. and has also been Highly Commended in the Showman’s Show 2022 Green Supplier and Innovation Awards and shortlisted for Net-Zero Innovation of the Year and Product Innovation of the Year in the prestigious Sustainability Awards.

We appreciate Boss Cabins’ confidence in our electric ball valves and are looking forward to further cooperation. When asked the number one reason they would recommend Tameson, Piotr responded, “Reliability has been a huge success of this partnership. The products do exactly what we need them to and we are always able to obtain them.”