Case Study on Biostream International

Solenoid valves for Biostream International

Biostream International uses Tameson solenoid valves

The beauty of our products is that they can be used in many different ways in various industries. For example, at Biostream International our valves are used in equipment for the food industry, bio-based industry (biofuels, bioplastics) and pharmaceutical industry. We talked with their CEO, Marc Buevink, as they have been a user of our stocked JP Fluid Control’s solenoid valves for years. We discuss their specialized hardware for equipment for fermentation and cell culture, how they use our solenoid valves, and why they prefer Tameson as their preferred fluid control component provider.

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Biostream International uses Tameson solenoid valves

Biostream uses JP Fluid Control solenoid valves for fermentation equipment

Specialized hardware

Biostream International specializes in equipment for fermentation and cell culture. An example of an application is the controlled cultivation of a type of bacteria or yeast. Or, in the case of beer brewing, to grow the yeast optimally so it is encouraged to produce alcohol. Thanks to the equipment of Biostream International, these processes can first be optimized on a lab scale before they are scaled up to production. The hardware of Biostream International is also at the basis of cheese, probiotics, yogurt, soy sauce and other controlled or fermented products that end up in the supermarket. In addition, the company is strongly represented in the biofuels and bioplastics market.

Solenoid valves to control cooling

The solenoid valve is an important part of the hardware developed by Biostream International, says CEO Marc Buevink: "In the small systems, we use compact solenoid valves to regulate the temperature or addition of gases. For example, the vessel contains a temperature sensor that is connected to the water circulation system. It contains a heating system and a cooling valve. The solenoid valve that provides the cooling is supplied by Tameson."

Valves for steam and air

Larger systems require many more solenoid valves. Marc Buevink explains: "It must be possible to sterilize a large stainless steel vessel at the site. So, you have to be able to supply steam and air. This is a complex process with many valves. The different types of solenoid valves come from JP Fluid Control, one of the brands that Tameson supplies. They all have their own settings. For large vessels, they often use air-controlled (pneumatic) valves instead of electric valves."

Tameson is their preferred fluid control components supplier

Biostream International has been producing machinery since 2013 and has been doing business with Tameson for years. Thats good and thats why the cooperation is getting more and more intensive, Marc Buevink explains: "They are our preferred supplier in the field of solenoid valves and other valves. We like the products of their brand JP Fluid Control, but also the contact we have with the people of Tameson is very good. They are pleasant to communicate with, and when it comes to delivery, they do it quickly. Thats exactly the kind of collaboration were looking for."

Biostream International uses Tameson solenoid valves

Various specialized compact solenoid valves are used in the cooling system

Solenoid valves for the complete range

Marc Buevink finds it particularly important that a supplier has the same vision as Biostream International. That appeals to him so much in Tameson, he says: "If we need specialized support of solenoid valves, we can always turn to them. They dont give us any trouble, but they help us on our way. For example, some of our equipment is developed as a complete range, from small to large systems. Thanks to Tameson, we can get exactly the right JP Fluid Control solenoid valves for every system. Thats the basis for our long-term relationship: we can rely on speed and quality. Because one solenoid valve is not the same as another, we have noticed that."

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