Collection: Fittings


View Tameson's range of fittings. Fittings are used to connect hoses, pipes, and/or other fluid control components together. They are common in almost all applications (water, pneumatic, gas, hydrualic, etc.). The two main types of fittings are hose and pipe connectors (cutting rings, compression fittings, hose barbs, push-in, push-on, hose clamps, etc.) and threaded fittings (reducing nipples, double nipples, end caps, plugs, sockets, angled, ORFS, manifolds, swivel joints, etc.). It is also important to know the media type, as the material specification of the fitting is important to ensure it is chemically resistant and won't corrode and/or contaminate the media. Common materials are stainless steel, brass, PP, nylon, and cast iron.