Collection:Storz Couplings

Collection: Storz Couplings

Storz Couplings

View Tameson's range of Storz couplings. Storz couplings are often used by and designated as fire hose couplings. However, they have wide usage in many industries, including refineries, agricultural uses, construction industry, maritime safety, and military use. These are non-shut-off symmetrical couplings connected by plugging the lug parts into each other and then twisting against each other. These can easily be coupled due to the rotatable lug parts while the seals are protected. Available in brass, forged aluminum, and stainless steel 316. Seals are made of NBR in the brass and aluminum couplings, while the Stainless Steel 316 couplings come with an FKM seal. Contrary to production methods in other countries, our aluminum couplings are forged instead of cast, which minimizes the risk of breaking. These couplings come in the following designations: D-couplings (lug distance 31 mm), C-couplings (lug distance 66 mm), B-couplings (lug distance 89 mm), and A-couplings (lug distance 133 mm)