Collection:Sealing, Adhesives And Lubricants

Sealing, Adhesives And Lubricants

Sealing, Adhesives And Lubricants

Sealants prevent fluid leakage through joints or openings in materials. They can be mechanical parts, chemical solutions or tape.

  • Face sealants function as liquid gaskets.
  • Gaskets & tape are used as mechanical seals on flanges or threads.
  • Surface modifiers prepare the surface before applying the sealant.
  • Thread sealants expand in the holes between the threads and seal the connection.

Adhesives are used to prevent unscrewing of threaded pipe connections, lock different types of joints and to reconnect broken pieces of an object.

  • Instant adhesives join together two surfaces.
  • Joint lockers replace traditional welding and mechanical retainers.
  • Surface modifiers prepare the surface before applying the adhesive.
  • Thread lockers are used to lock bolts, studs nuts and screws and to avoid loosening caused by stress and vibration.

Lubricants are designed to reduce friction between moving parts, provide corrosion protection and reduce energy loss.

  • Oils provides lubrication and cooling to moving parts in contact.
  • Greases provides lubrication in places where oil is not usable.
  • Pastes provide reliable lubrication, separation and corrosion protection under extreme temperature and pressure conditions and are used with aggressive media.
  • Dry lubricants are used in dry weather conditions and prevent dirt sticking to the parts.
  • Corrosion protection protects surfaces from degrading.
  • Service products are for example release agents and leak detectors.
  • Cleaners for various surfaces.

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