Collection:Measurement And Control

Collection: Measurement And Control

Measurement And Control

Here you will find all products to measure and control your fluid control system. If you are looking for a measuring or control instrument for pressure, temperature, flow, level or time, you have come to the right place at Tameson. In order to control your process as good as possible, it is important to select the optimal instrumentation with the right reliability and accuracy for your application. With our sensors, controls and switches, you can monitor your complete application, such as the automatic operation of valves, regulation of pressure and temperature, securing fluid levels, and so on.

To measure and regulate pressure, view our pressure gauges, pressure regulators and pressure switches. Other examples of products are time switches for valves or level switches to monitor and control fluid levels. View the categories for more information about the different instruments. For more background information, you can read our expert articles or contact one of our product specialists for more information.