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Pneumatic Grippers

Pneumatic Grippers

A pneumatic gripper is used for high-precision pick-and-place applications to lift and move items. We offer two types: two-finger parallel grippers and two-finger angular grippers. Parallel means that the opposing jaws travel in parallel to hold a workpiece. This is the most popular type, because they can handle many part shapes and sizes. Angular means that the jaws are opened and closed around a central pivot point moving in arching motion. This is a more economical design and it is used in limited spaces.

Our pneumatic grippers are either double-acting or single-acting (normally open or normally closed), and they are used for internal and external gripping operations. To hold items, special fingers (not included) are attached to the jaws and can be of different shapes and made from different materials. The jaws are made from carbon steel or stainless steel and the rod from stainless steel. They are placed inside an aluminum body with recessed sensor grooves. For connecting to the compressed air system, there are air ports with a female thread.

Tameson offers high quality Mindman pneumatic grippers with multiple different configurations: rod diameter, stroke length, external and internal holding forces.

The main points for choosing grippers are: The weight of the workpiece, the shape and size of the workpiece, environment: shocks, additional external forces or clean room applications. Choose a gripper with a holding force at least 10 times your item's weight.

Main selection criteria: The weight of the workpiece, The shape and size of the workpiece, Parallel or angular gripper, Environment: harsh (shocks, additional external forces) or clean room applications.