Collection:Compressor Claw Couplings

Collection: Compressor Claw Couplings

Compressor Claw Couplings

View Tameson’s wide range of compressor claw couplings. Compressor claw couplings connect to another claw coupling and are typically used for demanding environments and larger air flow/hoses. The claws have 42 mm between them and each coupling has two at 180 degrees. To connect, a force pushing them together is required and then the claws are spun to be 45 degrees apart to secure the connection and make a seal. Common standards are DIN 3489 and for applications requiring higher safety DIN 3238 (security from accidental decoupling). Typically, a DIN 3489 coupling is connected to a DIN 3238 coupling. Compressor couplings allow for a quick connect and a tight seal.