Collection:Air Coupling Manifolds And Multi-Link

Collection: Air Coupling Manifolds And Multi-Link

Air Coupling Manifolds And Multi-Link

View Tameson’s wide range of air coupling manifolds & multi-link. These junctions have multiple air coupling sockets, so multiple hoses can be connected to the same air supply. There are wall mounted options, as well as different input connection types like female threads, male threads, or a plug meant for DN 7.2. The multilink system is a specific design from CEJN with a modular construction that allows combinations of up to five couplings. A pneumatic coupling is used to quickly connect air tools to a compressed air line. The coupling requires two parts: the socket (female) and the plug or nipple (male part). When disconnected, the coupling automatically seals off to maintain the line pressure. They are often referred to as compressed air couplings, compressor couplings, pneumatic fittings, air hose couplings, etc.