G 3/4 inch Brass 24VDC 2-Way Proportional Integrated Process Controller Disc Valve 3285 312329

G 3/4 inch Brass 24VDC 2-Way Proportional Integrated Process Controller Disc Valve 3285 312329
Reference: 312329
Brand: Burkert

Bürkert 2/2-way disc valve (type 3285) with G 3/4 inch female threaded ports. Designed for proportional flow control with an integrated process controller. For media temperature ranging from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) at a differential pressure of 0 to 6 bar (0 to 87 psi). Housing of brass with oxide ceramics/FKM sealing and a 12 mm orifice. The Kv-value is 3.9 m3/h. The valve is electrically actuated with a 24 V DC supply voltage, controlled through a fieldbus buS protocol and with process actual value 4-20 mA signal, supplied by an external sensor (a PNP sensor must be used). It uses the fieldbus protocol as an interface for communication with hardware.

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This Bürkert proportional control valve has an integrated PID controller. This means that the valve automatically controls the opening rate to reach a set-point process value, such as a temperature or pressure. A 4-20 mA input signal must be used for the actual process value. The valve's set-point value is configured and the output monitored through a digital fieldbus (büS). This allows for instance to adjust the PID parameters.

The 2-way valve has G 3/4 inch female threads and an internal orifice of 12 mm. This results in a Kv-value of 3.9 m3/h (Cv value 4.5084 GPM). Use our Kv-calculator to determine the optimal Kv-value for your pressure and flow rate.

The Bürkert 3285 valve has two oxide ceramic discs that both have an opening. By sliding one disc over the other, the degree of overlap of the holes can be varied and thus the opening of the valve. The disc position is actuated by a stepper motor and holds a position with minimal power loss. This makes this valve highly energy efficient.

The valve is electrically operated with a 24 V DC supply voltage. The electrical connections on the actuator are 5-pin male M12 plug and 5-pin female M12 plug.

It can be used for media temperatures from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) at a pressure of 0 to 6 bar (0 to 87 psi). The housing is made of brass and it has oxide ceramics/FKM sealing. 

The valve takes 4 seconds to go from fully open to fully closed position. The flow goes above the seat. They are suitable for control of clean media that doesn’t react with the housing and seal materials. The environment temperature ranges from -10 to 60°C. Please consult the instruction manual to find the proper duty cycle within the temperature range.


  • Fast response time
  • Equipped with an integrated process controller
  • Uses a fieldbus (büS) protocol as a parametrization interface
  • The actuator features an energy-saving function
  • Suitable for process control due to the integrated PID funciton
  • LED display indicates the position of the valve


  • Sensitive to dirt, so a filter should be applied upstream (≤ 0.3 mm)

3285 series

The Burkert series 3285 is designed for controlling the flow rate of liquid and gaseous media. Only clean, liquid or gaseous medium, which does not react with the bodies and sealing materials, may be controlled. The valve uses a ceramic disc to change the size of the orifice which are available in sizes from 8 to 25 mm. There are two discs, one acts as valve’s seat and doesn’t move, while the other rotates and changes the orifice diameter. These are suitable for operating pressure ranging from 0 to 6 bar (0 to 87 psi) and media temperature ranging from 0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F). Type 3285 is available as a standard ON/OFF or proportional valve, as a version with integrated positioner and as a version with integrated process controller. These control valves are available in stainless steel and brass design.