Tameson Newsletter September 2019

Tameson Newsletter September 2019

Are you looking for a solenoid valve that is suitable for a slightly contaminated medium? Or do you work in potentially explosive environments? Read on to discover which products we have that you need! We also teach you what a FRL unit is with a Youtube video. We are constantly looking for improvement, so if you have any additions or remarks - Let us know

Get to know our team!

Lika Van Der Sluis

Lika Van Der Sluis has been working at Tameson since March 2018. Here she is responsible for work in the warehouse, such as stocking shelves, testing products, and getting orders shipped to you as soon as possible. She is studying Mechatronics at the Fontys and enjoys reading and traveling outside of work and her studies. However, her greatest passion is sailing as she even sailed in the Caribbean for half a year, and while on the way she did her schoolwork!

New in our range

Burkert 5282

The Burkert 5282 solenoid valve is used for the most demanding applications. The valve is built to last. Thanks to the separating diaphragm and large pilot ports, the valve can be used for slightly contaminated and aggressive media, which is impossible for most types of solenoid valves. The 5282 also has an ATEX version. Select one right away here!


ATEX directives are legal documents that impose essential health and safety requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres. In short, if the equipment will be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere a manually operated valve does not need an ATEX Certification while an electric or pneumatic operated valve does. Please view our flowchart to help you make this decision. Need an ATEX product? View them all here!

Pneumatic quick release fittings

Pneumatic quick release fittings make it easier to switch pneumatic appliances. Plug or unplug connectors with ease. Various connection types are available for each (female threads, male threads, hose pillar, union nut, etc.) with a wide range of min and max pressures. Select one here!

Did you know Tameson now has global shipping?

What is an FRL unit?

Filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) compressed air systems are used to deliver clean air, at a fixed pressure, and lubricated (if needed) to ensure proper pneumatic component operation and increase their operation lifetime. Curious why you should use a FRL unit? Check out this video!