Tameson Newsletter May 2021

Tameson Newsletter May 2021

In this newsletter we give you a 25% discount on a bottle of thread sealant and a 44-piece tap and die set. Read on and find out how you can make use of this!

The ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder is used worldwide. There are hundreds of manufacturers making pneumatic cylinders to this ISO standard, which make cylinders interchangeable. Yet, between manufacturers there are big differences in reliability, quality, and lifespan. We did the testing so you don’t have to - Choose Mindman for premium quality at an affordable price. Learn more about the selection criteria for ISO 15552 cylinders in our video.

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Now 25% discount on these products!

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Loxeal 55-03 Blue 50 ml Thread Sealant

Loxeal 55-03 Blue 50 ml Thread Sealant
  • Recognizable blue color
  • This seal can be loosened
  • Suitable for metal
  • Approved for gas and drinking water
  • Normal price: $17.99 excl VAT
  • Now only: $13.49 excl VAT


44-Piece Thread Tap And Die Set

44-Piece Thread Tap And Die Set
  • Seven 3-piece sets of metric taps
  • Seven round cutting plates(DIN EN 22568)
  • Seven drills
  • Five round cutting plates(DIN 225)
  • Two spanners
  • One screwdriver
  • One wire gauge
  • Supplied in an industrial metal box
  • Normal price: $185.99 excl VAT
  • Now only: $139.49 excl VAT


Video - ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder

In many industries, the creation of linear movement is required. A pneumatic cylinder, also known as an air cylinder, is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions. In this video we will teach you all about the ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder!


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