Robert McGillivray

Robert McGillivray

Robert McGillivray

Current Position

Content and Localization Manager


The Netherlands


Bachelor Business Administration Hotel Management


Valves, Pneumatics, Tools


In 2020, Robert began his career with Tameson as a translator, but later transitioned to becoming a technical writer. Currently he is responsible for managing the localization process, ensuring that the content in the company's technical library is accessible and enjoyable for website visitors worldwide.

Additionally, Robert curates a significant portion of the technical images on the website, leveraging his expertise in illustration. His diverse skill set and passion for illustration contribute to the enhancement of Tameson's technical content and user experience.


Originally from Oosterhout in the Netherlands, Robert joined Tameson in November 2020. His career path has been diverse, with studies in hotel management, graphic design, and chemical laboratory techniques, but it was his passion for travel that shaped his journey. He has worked in various countries, including France, Aruba, and Ireland, and aboard cruise ships sailing from North to South and everything in between. Currently, he works as the content & localization manager.

Robert's journey began with a move to France in 2003, where he worked in Paris. He then embarked on extensive global travels, working as a Hotel Manager on cruise ships from 2007 to 2020. However, when the pandemic halted the travel industry, Robert saw it as a chance for a career change. Recently, Robert and his family have returned to the Netherlands after living in the Philippines for the last five years, completing a full circle in their journey. After 20 years of living abroad and exploring the planet, they have settled back in their home country.

Joining Tameson proved to be the perfect fit for Robert. In his work as a content & localization manager, he works closely with the technical marketing team. His work includes publishing, technical article writing, search engine optimization, product development, creating technical drawings, curating imagery, and the entire localization process. Robert's versatility and commitment make him a valuable asset to the company.

Transitioning from a different industry brought exciting insights for Robert. He finds the products at Tameson, such as solenoid valves, truly innovative. Witnessing the diverse applications clients have for these products is a source of satisfaction for him.

Besides his work, Robert is passionate about photography. His captivating photographs have been featured in renowned publications like the New York Times, Qantas, Travel and Leisure, and He has been fortunate to travel to remote corners of the world, including the opportunity to witness the beauty of the hidden wildernesses of Antarctica and the North Pole.