Anju Thangam Joy

Anju Thangam Joy

Anju Thangam Joy

Current Position

Technical writer at Tameson




Master's in Electronics Engineering


Electrical engineering, Sensors and transducers, Embedded systems


At Tameson, Anju's role involves crafting technical articles and developing scripts for YouTube videos. Also, she assists in reserching topics and analyzing technical subjects to provide valuable insights.

Previously, she worked as an electronics lecturer at an engineering college and has also worked as a freelance writer for technical blogs and educational platforms. Additionally, she has done an internship at DRDO, India, where she was focussing on acoustic sensors and their localization principles.


Anju has been working for Tameson since December 2021 as a technical writer. Currently, she lives in India. She completed her Master’s in Electronics Engineering with a specialization in embedded systems.


“I did an industrial internship and did projects on sensors and transducers for a year after my graduation. I worked as a lecturer in an engineering college for a couple of years. During this phase, I discovered my true passion - writing - and started writing on a freelance basis (Who knew then that what started as a hobby would eventually turn into my full-time career!). I always felt a strange but undeniable connection between crafting a written piece and delivering a lecture.”

Working for Tameson

“Joining Tameson was fun, and I couldn’t love it more! Finally, my love for technology and passion for writing collided most delightfully. I've been having a blast crafting technical articles, whipping up category descriptions on the website, and scripting Tameson's YouTube videos. And the cherry on top? Tameson embraces the remote work lifestyle, allowing me the freedom to work from anywhere my heart desires. At Tameson, I had the chance to expand my knowledge of various components and level up my skills. Over time I've learned that communication and planning are key when working across different time zones, but every moment at Tameson has been worth it.”


“At other times, I like to unwind with a good book, play badminton, or have a culinary adventure. Whether it's decoding the secret ingredients of a restaurant dish and replicating it at home or experimenting with exotic flavors from around the globe, cooking is my passion. Also, I’m a beach lover and find solace in walking barefoot on the sand.”