Collection:Pneumatic Ball Valves

Collection: Pneumatic Ball Valves

Pneumatic Ball Valves

Select and buy a pneumatic ball valve online for your application. Pneumatic ball valves are used to control the flow of a media, liquid or gas, by means of a rotating ball with a bore. The rotating ball is controlled by a pneumatic actuator that is capable of turning it. A ball valve is one of the most common valves due to their simple operation, reliability, long service life, and wide range of application uses.

  • 2-way pneumatic ball valves have 2 ports, an inlet and an outlet. The media flows from one direction to the other and the valve is used to open or close the flow. A 2-way ball valve is commonly called a shut off valve.
  • 3-way pneumatic ball valves have 3 ports. The bore in the ball is not straight, but rather in an L or T formation. This allows for various circuit functions (flow directions) for the valve. It can be used to distribute, mix, or divert flow in the desired direction. Therefore, any of the 3 ports can be an inlet or an outlet.
  • Pneumatic ball valve acccessories include ball valves with an ISO-top (suitable for a pneumatic actuator).

Pneumatic Acuated

A pneumatic actuated ball valve can be broken down into two main components. The pneumatic actuator and the ball valve. For a 2-way ball valve, the pneumatic actuator can turn the ball 90 degrees to be either fully open or fully closed. For a 3-way valve, the pneumatic actuator can turn the ball between different circuits depending if it is an L-port or T-port ball valve. They are mounted together typically with a standard flange adhereing to ISO 5211. This allows both the pneumatic actuator or ball valve to be swapped out with another one using the same flange size.

A pneumatic actuator requires compressed air to operate. The actuator can either be single or double acting. A single acting pneumatic actuator uses compressed air to rotate the ball in one direction and uses a spring to move it back to the normal position. A double acting pneumatic actuator requires compressed air to move the ball in either direction. An air actuated ball valve is a reliable solution and often a lower investment cost for larger valves compared to an electric ball valve. There are various housings and sizes of pneumatic ball valves to allow you to find the right one for your application. Air operated ball valves are commonely used for remote control of a flow, like a water pipe or air hose.

For additional information to select a ball valve, read our technical article or contact customer support.