NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way Center closed Solenoid Valve 3-8bar MVSC
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NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way Center closed Solenoid Valve 3-8bar MVSC

NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way...
NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way...
NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way...
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NPT 3/8'' 24V DC 5/3-Way...
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5/3-way (center closed) pneumatic solenoid valve from Mindman with NPT 3/8 inch ports (female thread) and 24 V DC coil. Indirect operated (internally piloted). Applications include controlling double-acting cylinders with intermediate positions. Operating pressure from 3 to 8 bar (43.5 to 116 psi). Only suitable for air. With manual override control. Can be mounted on manifold with central air supply/vent. Response time 0.05 s, Kv-value 1.11 Nm3/h (1197 Nl/min).

Including coil and DIN-B connector

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USD $132.28

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High-quality pneumatic solenoid valve from Mindman. This valve is 5/3-way, center closed, equipped with two coils. The valve has NPT 3/8 inch ports (NPT female thread). The coil voltage is 24 V DC and the power is 2 VA. The valve can only be operated with compressed air (filtered up to 5 μm) that doesn't need to be lubricated. The operating pressure is 3 to 8 bar (43.5 to 116 psi). Mounting on manifold with a central supply and vent possible. Response time is 0.05 s. The valve has a Kv flow rate value of 1.11 Nm3/h (1197 Nl/min). This valve is equipped with a manual override. Never exceed the valve limits (pressure, temperature, voltage, media, etc.). Do not apply any voltage to the coil when the coil is removed from the valve in order to prevent burn-through.

A 5/3-way valve has five ports and three positions. The central (rest-)position can have various functions; with a 'center closed' valve, all five ports are closed off in the central position. The other two positions are each controlled by their own solenoid coil. These positions are used to feed port A and vent port B, or the other way around. If none of the two coils is activated, the valve return to the central position (mono-stable). This valve may for example be used to control a double acting cylinder, with the possibility to block the cylinder in intermediate positions. By activating one of the two coils, the cylinder can be moved in two directions. The figure below shows a schematical drawing of the circuit function of a center closed 5/3-way valve.


  • Low flow resistance (Kv=1.11 m3/h)
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Long lifespan (12.000.000+ cycles)
  • Low energy consumption (2VA)
  • Maintenance free design
  • Coil can be installed in four directions (4 x 90°)
  • Designed for manifold mounting


  • Only for (clean) air, not for other media or vacuum
  • Minimal pressure of 3 bar required for proper operation (pilot operated valve)

MVSC series

The Mindman MVSC series consists of indirectly operated pneumatic solenoid valves in 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3-way configuration. The MVSC and MVSC1 series are designed for manifold mounting and share the same mounting dimensions. The MVSC series need a certain minimum differential pressure for operation. Therefore, they are not suited for vacuum applications. They can be used up to a maximum pressure of 8 bar. The valves are available with 24 V DC, 230 V AC and 110 V AC coils and equipped with a manual override. The body material is aluminum with an HNBR seal. The valves are available with BSP or NPT ports. The valves in MVSC series are characterized by a long and reliable service and a maintenance-free design.

Mindman is an international manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic components with main production in Taiwan. With a rich production history, a very wide range and cost-efficient production of high-quality products, they are one of the true market leaders in the pneumatics industry.


Manual MVSC-300 (EN) pdf Download save_alt
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  • Connection sizeinfo
    3/8 inch
  • Voltageinfo
    24 V DC
  • Materialinfo
  • Seal materialinfo
  • Valve ports/positionsinfo
    5/3 way
  • Functioninfo
    Center closed
  • Operationinfo
  • Connection type
    Inner thread conical (NPT)
  • Max temperature (°C)
  • Min pressure difference (bar)info
  • Min temperature (°C)
  • Features
    Manual override
  • Valve bore (mm)
  • Kv value (m3/h)info
  • Nominal power (VA)
  • Model
  • Voltage-type
  • Max. ambient temp. (°C)
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • Duty cycle