Collection:Pneumatic Brass Silencer Throttle Valves

Collection: Pneumatic Brass Silencer Throttle Valves

Pneumatic Brass Silencer Throttle Valves

View our range of pneumatic brass silencer throttle valves which have an adjustable knob, like a needle valve, to adjust the vent of pressurized air to the atmosphere. This allows you to increase or decrease the exhaust, which can affect the application performance (i.e. a pneumatic piston extending/retracting) or affect noise levels. Depending on the flow and pressure of the air coming out of an exhaust port, the pneumatic air could produce noise that is potentially harmful to workers or cause noise issues for the application. They accomplish a lower audible noise by increasing the surface area of the release of the pressurized air. They are commonly installed onto pneumatic solenoid valves. Brass housing is a low-cost durable metal housing. They are specified based on their material, connection port, pressure range, and temperature range. If you have any questions, please read our technical article or contact us.