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Tameson has partnered with Mindman as a distributor and to provide support to the pneumatic product offering. Mindman is a global leader in the pneumatic component industry and have products for a complete pneumatic system from the air treatment units to the end effectors. This range includes pneumatic solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders (mini, round, or profile cylinders that meet ISO 6432 and ISO 15552 standards), filters, regulators, lubricators, and grippers. Tameson's full Mindman product offering and support is listed below. If you are looking for a Mindman product that is not listed below, contact us.

  • Cylinder diameter (mm): 25,32,40
Product Brand Housing Series Model Cylinder diameter (mm) Thread size
M10x1.25 Clevis Rod-end Pin...
£9.49 (£9.49 excl vat)
In stock
Mindman Steel MCMA ISO 8140 25,32,40 M10x1.25
M10x1.25 Female Spherical...
£16.14 (£16.14 excl vat)
In stock
Mindman Steel PHS ISO 8139 25,32,40 M10x1.25
M10x1.25 Floating Joint...
£29.44 (£29.44 excl vat)
+4 days
Mindman Steel MFCS - 25,32,40 M10x1.25