3/2 G1/4'' Stainless Steel 110VAC Solenoid Valve 0330 124395
USD $247.07

3/2 G1/4'' Stainless Steel 110VAC Solenoid Valve 0330 124395

3/2 G1/4'' Stainless Steel...
3/2 G1/4'' Stainless Steel...
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Bürkert 3/2-way solenoid valve (type 0330) with G1/4'' threads and a 110V AC coil. Mixing function (one of 2 inlets connects to outlet) and direct operating, so no differential pressure required. Suitable for slightly contaminated and aggressive media (media separation). Housing of stainless steel with NBR sealing and a 2 mm orifice.

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USD $247.07

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Bürkert direct operating 3/2-way solenoid valve with G1/4'' inner threads and 110V AC (alternating current) coil. The valve has a stainless steel housing with NBR sealing and an orifice size of 2 mm. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is mixing, which means that the valve connects one of the 2 inlet ports to the outlet port, depending on the valve's state. This model is media separated and can therefore be used for slightly contaminated and aggressive media. The stainless steel housing is very durable, strong and resistant to a wide range of chemicals with the exception of chloride solutions. The NBR (nitrile rubber) sealing is suited for water, air, alcohol and is fairly resistant to oil and petrol. NBR is unsatisfactory with oxidising fluids. Consult our chemical resistance chart to verify compatibility of housing and seals with the medium. Energy efficient design for a long product lifecycle.

Important advantages

  • Can be used with slightly contaminated or aggressive media thanks to the media separated design
  • Energy-saving design which ensures a low heating of the medium and, in addition, a long service life
  • Bürkert design: proven reliability & durability

0330 series

The Bürkert solenoid valve type 0330 is a direct-operated solenoid valve, meaning no pressure difference is needed to open the valve. This design is media separated, which allows for complete isolation of your fluid from the valve's working parts. This makes it a good solution for aggressive or slightly contaminated media. The valves can be delivered with DN 2 up to DN 5 or with a flange. The pressure range depends on the voltage, but has a maximum of 16 bar. The valve has a maintenance free pivot armature design instead of the common linear translating plunger. The valve is available in IP65 or IP67 protection. The valve has few moving parts, allowing for a long service life due to minimal wear on valve components. The 2/2-way and the 3/2-way versions are specifically designed for applications such as mixing, diversion and universal direction of media. The valves are available with different housing materials, such as brass, stainless steel, PP or PVDF in combination with different sealing materials. Finally, there are options for position feedback, bi-stable, vacuum variants, as well as ATEX explosion approved versions.

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Manual Burkert 0330 (EN) pdf Download save_alt


  • Connection sizeinfo
    1/4 inch
  • Voltageinfo
    120 V AC
  • Seal materialinfo
    NBR (nitrile rubber)
  • Materialinfo
    Stainless steel
  • Material qualityinfo
    Stainless steel 316 (1.4401)
  • Functioninfo
  • Operationinfo
  • Electrical connectioninfo
  • Connection type
    Inner thread cylindrical BSPP-G
  • Min pressure difference (bar)info
  • Features
    Energy efficient (under 9 VA)
    Media separation
  • Peak power (VA)info
  • Valve bore (mm)
  • Nominal power (VA)


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