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Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain Bird 1" (F/F) 1-10bar 24V AC
Rain Bird
€24.19 incl vat
Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain...
Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain...
Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain...
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Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain...
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Solenoid Valve 100-HV Rain Bird 1" (F/F) 1-10bar 24V AC

Rain Bird

Solenoid valve (Rain Bird) for irrigation with 1 inch threads (F/F) and 24V AC coil. Alternative for 100-DV series. Normally closed (opens when energized). Suitable for clean fluids (max 43°C). Min pressure differential 1 bar (indirect operated), max pressure 10 bar. Robust glass filled polypropylene housing with NBR seal. Manual operation possible.

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€24.19 incl vat
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Rain Bird solenoid valve for irrigation with glass-filled polypropylene body, 1 inch pipe threads (BSP F/F) and a 24V AC (50Hz/60Hz) coil. Rain Bird is specialized in irrigation systems and is well known for quality, reliability and smart design. The valve is normally closed (opens when electrically energized). This valve is particularly suitable for irrgation systems, but can also be used for other applications. Suitable for systems with an operating pressure from 1 up to 10 bars with a maximum temperature of 43° C. To function properly, the valve needs a positive differential pressure of at least 1 bar. When the inlet pressure is lower, for example a gravity fed system, this valve cannot be used. In this case, a (semi-)direct operated solenoid valve or an electric ball valve is recommended. Please note that Rain Bird solenoid valves are only available with 24V AC coil. Most irrigation controllers use 24V AC.

The Rain Bird HV series has similar properties to the DV series and can be used as alternative.

The coil is provided with the valve. Mounting of the coil is easy.

Solenoid valves are electrically controlled valves which open or close by means of an electric current through a solenoid (coil). As long as they are electrically energized they consume energy. They open and close quickly. They are sensitive to dirt and can only be used with clean liquids or gases.

This video shows the most important features of the Rain Bird 100-HV series.

Important features:

  • Compact design with strong housing made of glass filled polypropylene.
  • NBR membrane with self-cleaning 90-mesh filter (200 micron) en stainless steel spring.
  • Manual override (by a quarter turn of the coil).
  • Manual flow control (only model 100-HVF).
  • Smart coil design; plunger and spring cannot fall out.
  • External bleed srew for installation and maintenance.
  • Captive bolts.
  • Eccentrical shaped membrane for a gradual closing (less water hammer).

Technical Specifications

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 1 to 10 bar (15 to 150 PSI). Note: pressure differential required of at least 1 bar!
  • Flow rate: 0,05 to 6,82 m3/h (0,01 to 1,89 l/s)
  • Temperature: Water max. 43° C(110 F); Environment max. 52° C (125 F). Note: in case of frost the valve must be vented!

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz. Note: only 24 V AC available!
  • Inrush Current: 0.290A at 60 Hz
  • Holding Current: 0.091A at 60 Hz
  • Resistance: 70-85 Ohms (at 4.5° C - 43° C)


  • Height: 11,7 cm (4.62")
  • Length: 11,2 cm (4.4")
  • Width: 7,9 cm (3.1")

Performance (valve pressure loss)

Flow rate (m3/h)Flow rate (l/s)Pressure loss (bar)



  • State
    Normally closed
  • Port
    1 inch
  • Voltage
    24V AC
  • Seal
  • Housing
  • Function
    2/2 way
  • Operation
  • Min pres
  • Max pres
  • Orifice
  • Max temp
  • Power
  • Series


Manual ts_HV (EN) pdf Download save_alt
Manual HVF-Valves (EN) pdf Download save_alt
Manual Valve Installation (EN) pdf Download save_alt


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