Solenoid Valve CM-IA 1/2'' compact brass EPDM 0,5-16bar 230V AC

JP Fluid Control



Energy efficient and compact 2/2 waysolenoid valve with 1/2 inch threads and 230V AC coil. Normally Closed (opens when energized). Suitable for clean media (max 130°C) and an operating pressure of 0.5-16 bar (indirect operated). Brass housing with EPDM seal. The orifice is 12mm, the Kv-value is 2.05m3/h (34.2 l/min at dP=1 bar, water).

Including coil and DIN-B connector
  • Manual
  • CAD file
  • Safety Instructions

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Very energy efficient (6 watts) and compact, indirect operated 2/2 way JP Fluid Control solenoid valve with brass body, 1/2 inch threads and a 230V AC (50Hz) coil. The circuit function of the solenoid valve is normally closed (opens when electrically energized). Suitable for systems with an operating pressure of 0.5 bar to 16 bar and a maximum temperature of 130 °C. For proper operation, this indirectly operated valve requires a positive differential pressure of 0.5 bar. For a closed system, such as a cooling unit, a directly operated valve or an electric ball valve is more suitable. The orifice is 12 mm and the Kv-value is 2.05m3/h. The Kv-value is used to calculate flow rate: at 1 bar differential pressure (water) the flow rate is approximately 34.2 l/min.

This valve has an EPDM seal, which is suited for (hot) water, steam and most basic substances. For oils, compressed air and fuels, FKM is recommended instead of EPDM.

Please consult the chemical resistance chart for other media.

The coil (type CS4-230AC) DIN - B with connector is provided with the valve. Other connector types, such as with an LED indicator can be ordered separately. The coil can easily be mounted on the valve. Never connect the coil to the power supply when it is not mounted on the valve to prevent the coil burning out.

Solenoid valves are electrically controlled valves which open or close by means of an electric current through a solenoid (coil). As long as they are electrically energized they consume energy. They open and close quickly. They are sensitive to dirt and can only be used with clean liquids or gases.


  • Use clean liquids or gases. Solenoid valves are very sensitive to dirt.
  • Do not power the coil when the coil is removed from the valve. The coil will overheat and may burn out.
  • Indirect operated valves need a differential pressure to operate. A closed system, such as a central heating system, generally has an unknown and probably too low differential pressure.
  • Make sure that the valve is suitable for the application and that the materials are suitable for the medium and temperature.


Solenoid ValveElectromechanically operated valve. An electric current through a solenoid is used to open or close the valve.
Indirect operatedIndirect or servo operated solenoid valves use the differential pressure of the medium to open or close the valve. The minimum differential pressure is usually 0.5 bar. Since the fluid pressure is used, a relatively small coil can operate a large diaphragm and thus a high flow.
2/2-Way2 ports (inlet and outlet) and 2 positions (open and closed).
Normally closedThe valve opens when the coil is energized (Normally Closed or NC).
EPDMEPDM is used for the seal material. EPDM is suitable for (hot) water, steam, and alkaline substances such as detergents. For other media FKM (Viton) is usually a more chemically resistant and durable alternative. View the materials compatibility overview.
230V AC230 volt AC (50Hz). For most valve types different coils are available (380VAC, 230VAC, 120VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC). Always use the correct power supply.
Kv-valueFlow (m3/h) water of 20°C through the valve at a 1 bar pressure drop. The flow can be calculated with the formula: Q=Kv√dp. Example: The flow of a valve with Kv=0.5 in a system with a 2 bar inlet pressure and a free outlet can be calculated with: 0.5√2=0.7 m3/h, or 12 liter/min. For gases another formula must be used, the flow rate will be higher. A handy tool to determine the required Kv value is our Valve Sizing Calculator.
1/2 inchG1/2 inch pipe thread (BSPP). Determine the valve size based on the desired flow rate and pipe diameter. Using the range of fittings, you can connect the valve to the desired type of pipe.
ValvePipe ⌀
1/8 inch± 4 - 8 mm
1/4 inch± 6 - 12 mm
3/8 inch± 8 - 15 mm
1/2 inch± 10 - 16 mm
3/4 inch± 15 - 22 mm
1 inch± 20 - 30 mm
1½ inch± 25 - 50 mm
2 inch± 40 - 60 mm


Function 2/2 way
Voltage 230V AC
Operation Indirect
Port 1/2 inch
Min pres (bar) 0.5
Max pres (bar) 16
Kv (m3/h) 2.05
Orifice (mm) 12
State Normally closed
Housing Brass
Max temp (°C) 130
Power 8VA
Connector DIN - B
Series CM
Coil CS4

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