2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position Sensor 5-240V AC/DC - RCM
USD $24.58

2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position Sensor 5-240V AC/DC - RCM

2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position...
2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position...
2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position...
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2-Wire M8 Cyl-16mm Position...
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This pneumatic cylinder sensor offers position feedback using a reed switch and is suitable for a wide range of operating environments. This sensor features a 2 wire design with an M8 connector for power wiring. This sensor will securely fasten to your ISO 6432 cylinder using the included mounting band around the cylinder body. It requires a power supply of 5 - 240 V AC/DC and max 10 Watt.

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USD $24.58

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This pneumatic cylinder sensor offers position feedback to control systems in automated machinery and equipment. This reed switch, also called a magnetic proximity sensory, can reliably determine the proximity of a pneumatic cylinder piston due to an internal magnet on the piston. When the piston moves and the internal magnet passes the sensor, the output will switch "ON" to signal to the control system the status (position) of the cylinder. Depending on where the sensor is mounted, it can detect extension, retraction, or individual positions along the cylinder body. This sensor requires 5 - 240 V AC (50-60Hz) or DC power. This sensor features a 2 wire configuration, with an M8 connector for power wiring. An LED is available for troubleshooting and operation status indication. It is important to note that the maximum power input for this sensor is 10 W and should never be exceeded to prevent sensor damage. To reduce mounting space, this sensor has a compact design with a length of 26 mm, height of 8 mm, and width of 11.5 mm. For convenience, this sensor will mount using a band of 16 mm (included) in diameter around the ISO 6432 cylinder body. This sensor has an IP67 rating, is suitable for a temperature range of -10 - 70 °C, and has a plastic housing. Please read to manual before connecting the sensor to prevent damage.


  • Uses reliable reed switch technology to detect cylinder position
  • Small footprint for easy mounting to ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders
  • Convenient M8 connector for power wiring
  • Temperature range of -10 - 70 °C
  • Suitable for harsh environments thanks to the IP67 rating


  • It is not recommended for extremely high shock or vibration applications, but for the majority of applications it will be perfectly suited
  • It has a finite number of switching cycles, however, with an operating life of over 10 million switching cycles it is more than enough for most situations

RCM series

The Mindman RCM series pneumatic cylinder sensor is a reed switch designed for ISO 6432 cylinders (8-25mm in diameter) to provide reliable, fast, and accurate position feedback to control systems. A compact design, with a length of 26 mm, height of 8 mm, and a width of 11.5 mm minimizes surface area required for mounting. It mounts to the cylinder using a mounting band that goes around the diameter of the cylinder and the sensor is then slid and secured into place. They can come with a cable with various lengths or an M8 connection. Wiring is offered in a 2-wire (5-240V AC/DC) configuration with an LED indicator for troubleshooting and operation status. It is suitable to be used in a wide range of environments with an operating temperature range of -10 – 70 °C. The sensors have an IP67 rating and a robust plastic housing.


Manual Sensor Wiring (EN) pdf Download save_alt
Datasheet RCM (EN) pdf Download save_alt
CAD rcm-qd-bm16.zip zip Download save_alt


  • Signal outputinfo
  • Internal diameter (mm)info
  • Max. current (mA)info
  • Materialinfo
  • Peak power (VA)info
  • Rated voltage AC (V)
    5 V to 240 V
  • Rated voltage DC (V)
    5 V to 240 V
  • Electrical connectioninfo
    Connector M8
  • Sensor technology
    Reed switch
  • Status indication
  • Color of light
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • Suitable for safety functions
  • Model
    ISO 6432
  • Voltage type
  • Length of sensor (mm)
  • Ambient temperature (°C)
    -10 °C to 70 °C
  • Height of sensor (mm)
  • Type of actuation
  • Width sensor (mm)