Payment methods

Tameson accepts many internationally accepted online payment methods, such as credit or debit card options, PayPal, iDeal, Sofort, and more. Tameson also offers the possibility of pre-payment through bank transfer.

Online payment options

At Tameson, we accept a wide variety of internationally and locally accepted online payment options.

  • Sofort: A popular banking method in Europe, Sofort is used primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Many UK banks also support Sofort.
  • Credit Card: Tameson accepts major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club International.
  • Paypal: Paypal is a well-known payment method and very easy to use. With Paypal, you can pay with your Paypal balance and credit card. Paypal is an accepted payment method worldwide, available in more than 200 countries/regions. Paypal supports 25 currencies.
  • Giropay: Giropay is an online payment platform of the German banks, based on the existing German system of online banking and was specifically designed for use in E-commerce environments.
  • EPS: EPS (electronic payment standard) is an online transfer system developed jointly by the Austrian banks and the Austrian Government. It provides a simple and secure online payments process to millions of users in Austria.
  • iDeal: iDEAL is a popular payment method in the Netherlands. iDeal is covered by all major Dutch consumer banks.
  • KBC/CBC: The KBC/CBC Payment Button is an online payment method for customers of the KBC and CBC, Belgium's largest consumer banks.
  • Bancontact: The most popular online payment method in Belgium. Bancontact is connected to 20 of Belgium's major banks.

Bank transfer (prepayment)

If you prefer not to make online payments, you can choose the payment method "Bank transfer." The payment is handled by our partner Adyen. When you place an order, you will receive the account details for the payment. Your order will be processed and shipped the same business day as Adyen receives the invoice amount.

  • Safe payments with your bank.
  • Payment via bank transfer does not cost extra.
  • Your order will be shipped once the invoice amount has been credited to our account.

Pay by Invoice

Pay by invoice is supported only for customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. If your company cannot use payment methods like Credit Card or Paypal, you might consider using Bank Transfer. Contact us if you have any questions regarding payment methods or want to speak to us personally.