Tameson Newsletter July 2021

Tameson Newsletter July 2021

In this newsletter we show how Muntproever.nl uses Tameson valves in an interesting application. We also present 3 new products in the seals category. Finally, we show you the best way to cut a copper pipe.

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Get to know our customers - Muntproever.nl


Throughout the Netherlands, Muntproever.nl sells coin-operated machines, coin lockers, and PayMatic solutions via a webshop. After inserting a coin, the Tameson solenoid valves ensure that the device in question works. Hicham Ben Youssef, the owner of Muntproever.nl, explains how the cooperation came about and what function the valves have in the machines.

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New in our range



An o-ring is a rubber ring that lies between two components that need to be joined gas-tight or liquid-tight. By compressing the ring, a seal is formed. O-rings are suitable for various applications: SAE flanges, cutting ring fittings, ORFS fittings, garden hose fittings, and more. Tameson has o-ring kits available for major metric or imperial sizes.

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Rotary shaft seals

rotary shaft seals

Shaft seals are used for sealing rotating machine parts. They consist of a rubber part with a metal reinforcement ring and a coil spring. They are available in NBR and FKM suitable for different rotational speeds. NBR is suitable for speeds up to 14 m/s, while FKM is suitable up to 37 m/s. There are three basic types based on the intended use: A, B, and C.

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Gaskets (rubber or metal) are often used between two surfaces because they deform and fill the space to form a seal and prevent leakage. They are often used with pressure gauges. Material and design greatly affect the function and price of the gasket. Gaskets made of hardened PVC are suitable for many standard applications. PTFE gaskets are recommended for aggressive media. Gaskets made of copper, aluminum or hydraulic gaskets with NBR inlay are mainly used for high pressure applications.

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New video - How to cut a copper pipe with a tube cutter

It seems like a simple operation, but a lot can go wrong while cutting a copper tube. Wondering how best to cut a pipe? Tameson engineer Max explains it in this video!

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