Tameson Newsletter July 2019

Tameson Newsletter July 2019

Are you curious about how valves for pneumatics work? Do you want to know why Lianne will soon leave us? Or are you looking for a high-pressure valve with a high Kv value? Read on to find out everything about this. We are constantly looking for improvement, so let us know if you have additions or comments!

Get to know our team!

Lianne Folkerts

Lianne Folkerts has been working for Tameson as a warehouse employee for quite some time. However, she recently passed her exam at the Huygens Lyceum in Eindhoven, as a result of which she will unfortunately leave Tameson soon. She is going to study Nanobiology in Delft! In addition to her interest in physics, nanophysics, biology and medical research and of course solenoid valves, she likes to play the piano. We wish Lianne success as she moves onto this next chapter!

Featured from our range

Burkert type 0121

Burkert type 0121 is a direct-acting, media-separated solenoid valve with stainless steel (316L), PTFE, PVC, PP or PVDF housing. This design allows for complete isolation of your fluid from the mechanical parts of the valve, making it a good solution for aggressive alkaline and acid solutions, analytical applications or slightly contaminated media! View our Bürkert 0121 selection and buy online!

Pneumatic angle seat valve

Do you need a valve that is reliable, low in maintenance and also guarantees a long service life with millions of cycles? Then you are at the right place with the PNEUMATIC ANGLE SEAT VALVE! Due to the oblique shape, the medium can flow with few bends, allowing for a high flow capacity and Kv value in comparison with vertical valves. View our full selection here!

How do pneumatic solenoid valves work?

5/2-way valves are used to control double-acting pneumatic actuators, such as cylinders, cylinders without piston rods, grippers and rotary actuators. But how do they work, and more importantly: how do you connect them? Read our technical article about 5/2 and 4/2-way valves for pneumatics and master this product. Learn more here!

Spoiler: if you hate reading, we put our explanation video on the page too!

Case Study - Biostream International

Biostream International has been producing machinery since 2013 and has been doing business with Tameson for years. Thats good and thats why the cooperation is getting more and more intensive.

Biostream CEO Marc Buevink explains: "They are our preferred supplier in the field of solenoid valves and other valves. We like the products of their brand JP Fluid Control, but also the contact we have with the people of Tameson is very good. They are pleasant to communicate with, and when it comes to delivery, they do it quickly. Thats exactly the kind of collaboration were looking for." Read the full case study on our partnership here!