Tameson Newsletter January 2019

Tameson Newsletter January 2019

Curious about the 5 most common problems with solenoid valves and how to prevent them? Then scroll through this newsletter to discover. In the meantime you will find out which new products have been added to our range! We are always looking for improvement, so if you have any additions or remarks - Let us know!


Get to know our team!

Maarten Klijn

During the completion of his bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering, Maarten started working at Tameson. Here he mainly works on product information management and increasing efficiency within certification procedures. In short, Maarten ensures that you have easy access to relevant product data and a pleasant customer experience.

New in our product range

Electric Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves (info) partially or completely shut off a liquid or gas flow by means of a rotating disc. They are resistant to dirt and are often used for large flow rates. Tameson supplies electric butterfly valves with any common voltage. View all electric butterfly valves here!

Electric butterfly valve

Electric Ball Valve

Of course they are not new, but a very frequently used product from our range due to its wide availability and relatively low costs: the BW ball valve with AW actuator. Available with many port connections, voltages and a brass housing. Also available in 3-way! View all combinations here!

Electric ball valve

Burkert 0330

Due to the medium separation (read here about this feature) design this Bürkert valve is suitable for slightly contaminated and aggressive media. Available in NO, NC and with multiple sealing materials. View all versions here!

Burkert 0330

The 5 most common problems with solenoid valves

The 5 most common problems with solenoid valves

Information Article

The infographic shows the five most common possible reasons why a solenoid valve does not function properly. Often, the failure of a solenoid valve can be easily resolved without buying a replacement product. Read more to prevent this in your system!