Tameson Newsletter February 2019

Tameson Newsletter February 2019

In this newsletter we present to you our new website, we introduce one of our co-founders Jan-Willem, highlight a few very usable products in our range and we introduce you to a technical article about needle valves. Enjoy reading!

New website launched!

Two weeks ago our new website launched. Please feel free to discover how you can get to your solution even faster and easier. And now it even looks beautiful!

Website screenshot

Get to know our team!

Jan-Willem Pustjens

As co-founder of Tameson, he is in no need for any hobbies. After receiving his Mechanical Engineering degree, he worked in Switzerland for several years in the packaging industry and eventually returned to the beautiful city of Eindhoven for Tameson. He works on the selection of product groups and digital marketing.


News & highlights from our product range!

Bürkert 6240 solenoid valve

Steam, high temperature, high pressure, DIN EN 161 and explosion hazard are just a couple of situations where a 6240 Bürkert valve is at its best. Read this article to explore everything about this multi functional Bürkert valve. View the most popular 6240 Bürkert valves here!

Burkert 6240

Float switch MAC3

This float switch, of the brand MAC3, is ideally suited to control the level of a tank, reservoir or pond. The switch comes with a 3-meter cable and balance weight. The switch can be used for both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) operation. Buy this product here!

Mac 3 float switch

In need for a needle valve?

How to select a needle valve

The adjustments for a needle valve are gradual and smooth, which makes them perfect for accurately controlling flow rates. There are four main factors to take into account when selecting a needle valve: pressure, material, temperature and to discover the fourth one, read our new technical article. Enjoy reading!